About Me / My Purpose

Welcome to my website. This website is part of my own living-theory. It forms part of my ongoing professional practice and at the same time is an expression of my autoethnography. Living-Theory is the approach that I am using as I ask myself questions like: How can I improve what I am doing? How can I more fully live my values? How can I improve my educational influence in both my own practice and life as well as within the lives of others such as those that I serve in the work that I do?

In this sense, it is written from the first-person. The links me to what I mean by an autoethnography. By centering myself as the subject of interrogation, analysis, and critique rests on the idea that I as the inquirer must come forward with questions like the ones that I have outlined above. In this way, an autoethnography represents a product, process and possibility for learning more about myself that I might learn and improve the ways by which I live my values. This is called living authentically.

Ellis & Bochner (2000) summarise it neatly by sharing:

“Autoethnography is an autobiographical genre of writing and research that displays multiple layers of consciousness, connecting the personal to the cultural. Back and forth autoethnographers gaze, first through an enthnographic wide-angle lens, focussed outward on social and cultural aspects of their personal experience; then they look inward, exposing a vulnerable self that is moved by and may move through, refract, and resist cultural interpretations. As they zoom backwards and forward, inward and outward, distinctions between the personal and cultural become blurred, sometimes beyond distinct recognition. Usually written in the first-person voice, autoethnographic texts appear in a variety of forms- short stories, poetry, fiction, novels, texts, essays, journals, fragmented and layered writing, and social science prose.” (p.739).

I am therefore keen to experiment with those different forms of aesthetic expression over time as I develop new skills. This will also include short video films as Living-Theorists have found this form of expression as an excellent way to capture the expression of embodied values that can form standards of judgement. I’ll say more about this later.

For now, please engage with the sharing of my learning. One of the criteria for a Living-Theory is that we leave our accounts open for public inspection so I would warmly welcome any feedback that you’d like to share. This would include criticism in the more academic sense that would help to move my inquiry forward. Thanks, Jason.