WELCOME TO Life As An Inquiry

How do I evidence and learn from the ways by which I live my values in action?

What values give rise to feelings of authenticity across my different life spaces?

How do I learn? How do I communicate my learning to others?

Would you like to live well? By the term ‘well’ I personally don’t mean wealthy; although for you that might be part of what it means. By living ‘well’ I have in mind the idea of living authentically or living my values in real life and my professional practice. This is important to me because I work in complex change and transformation and being authentic helps my practice as a change coach. I am also interested in being authentic across my different life worlds or spaces.
Prof. Jack Whitehead’s latest book entitled ‘Living Theory As A Way Of Life’has a neat summary on the back-cover. I have copied it here for you: Living-Theory researchers are seeking to generate their own individual theory-living. A living-theory focuses on how people can fulfil their responsibility to live as fully as possible the values that give their lives and work meaning and purpose and that contribute to the flourishing of humanity and their own development. The importance of researching one’s own practice to improve it is highlighted in terms of sharing and creating the individual’s values-based explanations for their educational influences in their own learning, in the learning of others and in the learning of the social formations that they are part of, and that influence their practice and understandings. Each individual uses their methodological inventiveness to generate their own living-theory methodology in generate the of their own living-theory.
I am adopting a form of action research known as co-operative inquiry. This form of the action research brings people together as they seek to co-solve complex problems and act together to improve the situation. The range of interests can be as wide and important as ecological planetary sustainability, or more discrete like a work-group seeking to improve their working environment.


Professor Jack Whitehead explains what a Living-Theory is in this short film.

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